Kate Hudson - 1+1 (from the motion picture Music)


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    "1+1" from the album Music, songs from and inspired by the motion picture, out now: sia.lnk.to/MusicID

    Director: Sia
    Producers: Jason Baum, Vincent Landay, Will Weiske
    Director of Photography: Sebastian Winterø
    Camera Operator: Ari Robbins
    Choreographer: Ryan Heffington
    Production Designer: Tracy Dishman Art Director: Leigh Poindexter
    Editors: Lorin Askill, Dana Congdon
    Visual Effects Supervisor: Janelle Croshaw
    Color Timers: Timothy Stipan, Company 3

    Kate Hudson
    Leslie Odom Jr.
    Maddie Ziegler

    Lea Catania
    Ashley Cinq-Mars
    Justin Deanda
    Sophina DeJesus
    Rachel Evans
    Michelle Foster
    Reshma Gajjar
    Hunter Hamilton
    Alaina Hoolihan
    Morgan Jenkins
    Casey Johansen
    Lulu Lam
    Michael Munday
    Kaylie O’meara
    Joseph V. Oreste
    Justin E. Porter
    Morgan Quinn
    Sasha Rivero
    Haylee Roderick
    River Sadlon
    Courtney Scarr
    Chris Silcox
    Tyne Stecklein
    Ben Tardif
    Freddie Tisdale
    Teddie Tisdale
    Alyson Kandace Van
    Gina Webber
    Charis Wilde

    Golden Globe nominee Best Picture - Musical or Comedy, Music, the new film written \u0026 directed by Sia + starring Kate Hudson, Leslie Odom Jr. \u0026 Maddie Ziegler, is available on demand now 🌈🎧 Get more info, and find out where and when to watch in your country bit.ly/2YJD1ho

    Website: siamusic.net
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    Twitter: sia
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    Get a girl, or get a boy
    Take ‘em right down to the shore
    Give your all and give some more
    Let the music free your soul

    Sway with me to the light
    Hold me for just one night
    Hold me for just one night (whoah)
    We live for the beat
    Baby you’re all I need
    Baby you’re all I need (ohh)

    So I’m taking you away
    Every day’s a holiday
    Move your body, feel the sway
    Grab someone
    Every day’s a holiday
    Every day’s a holiday
    Let the beat take you away
    Let the beat take you today
    Baby, this is magic
    Every day’s a holiday
    Let the beat take you away
    Let the beat take you today
    Baby, this is magic

    Get a boy, or get a girl
    Take ‘em all around the world
    Give your all and give your word
    If you listen you’ll be heard

    Swing with me to the light
    Hold me for just one night
    Hold me for just one night (whoah)
    We live for the beat
    Baby you’re all I need
    Baby you’re all I need (ohh)

    So I’m taking you away
    Every day’s a holiday
    Move your body, feel the sway
    Grab someone
    Every day’s a holiday
    Every day’s a holiday
    Let the beat take you away
    Let the beat take you today
    Baby, this is magic
    Every day’s a holiday
    Let the beat take you away
    Let the beat take you today
    Baby, this is magic


    Every day’s a holiday
    Let the beat take you away
    Let the beat take you today
    Baby, this is magic
    Every day’s a holiday
    Let the beat take you away
    Let the beat take you today
    Baby, this is magic


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    1. ا̍مۘـېْۧـڵـېْۧـٰ̍ا̍ YٺـېْۧـوبY

      Kate have strong voice so beautiful 🤩 🌹❤️


      🤩 J'ai son album i'am french :

    3. Somebody

      Instead of doing this stupid movie, potraying people with autism as if they are wild animals, she just should have released a new album.

    4. Chalga Preservation

      This should've been repurposed for 2021 pride, it would've fit much better.

    5. Saamir gaming

      Can we cancel this movie it comfortable for autistic people and none austistic people.i hate people make fun of autistic T_T

    6. Ochako Uraraka

      Maddie Ziegler is everywhere

    7. wumpus

      o shit

    8. Felipe Alberto Perez collado

      Si. No fuera por los comentarios no tendría ni idea que esto tiene que ver con el autismo

    9. Dunel Peach


    10. InfinityG

      there so many pink mans here

    11. Johann Smith Pinchi Almeyda

      SIA eres increíble. Amo tu arte.

    12. balanced

      the movie would be good if they actually had someone on the spectrum play the part and asked for their insight on the scenes.

    13. Luan Perez

      Me encanta.. la elijire para cuando esté en dilema 🤗 o confundida

    14. Reinaldo NaldoliSat NALDOLISAT

      Imaginem o trabalho que deu pra fazer esse clipe com tantas coreografias 👏👏👏

    15. Declan Huber

      Coming from this movie, the line "if you listen you'll be heard" is so fucking ironic considering it's clear nobody involved did either of those

    16. Doll Karaoke

      It's so funny how people are mad about the movie and not mad at the fact that the household stuff they use everyday are made from child labor, I am forever proud of those children

    17. imcicig

      when you said everyday a holiday it really is for me tho but I say thanks everytime I get something to show my parents how much I love and care about them I also do what they tell me to do to, to make life easier for them to 💗😌

    18. Mishelly Alpaca Torres

      I think Sia thinks that autistics are always happy and that they see the world differently from others, which is ridiculous. But like I say, I'm just guessing.

    19. HONOR344456 6


    20. Reanne McCormick

      Self identifying ASD this is really uncomfortable :/ and cringe

    21. TreveJera Bailey

      I don't get what this even has to do with ASD, but I would like to play around in one of those balloon suits.

    22. T3ars ¿

      *Sia we have autism, not drugs*

    23. Epic Gamer

      As someone who is ND I can confirm I do hallucinate giant weird dances

    24. gavinx

      Its a bad movie, but not a bad song.

    25. Amon

      It’s almost like Sia’s “3 years of research” were just a google search and 2.99 years of handing out free cocaine to the production crew.

    26. Xilef Leclerc

      2,3 million views

    27. Jo Baldo

      Wait I finally found this song... totally by accident...WTF!!?

    28. SooshiTheDino

      No one should blame Maddie for this. She didn’t wanna do this because she knows it would make fun of autistic people and others and it hurts to see she had to do this.

    29. Lydia Bogan

      I dont even feel 1 bit bad for sia, even though she spent 16M dollars on the movie, THIS IS STILL UNACCPTABLE!! I'm not autistic, but even for me this was hard to see. Autistic people will definitely not be able to see this. Unacceptable. Who has damn musicals in their head every time they do something? NO ONE!! I wonder if Kate Hudson will be held responsible as much as the rest of the cast/the director etc. I can hardly watch this without getting a headache. I can't imagine having a sensory disability and trying to. Those dancing teletubbies in the backround make me feel a negative emotion I can't describe There’s a fine line between quirky and cringe My ears: great song My eyes:WTF is going on Bro, I’m not even autistic and I feel uncomfortable. I can’t imagine how they feel. I ain't autistic and can confirm, they don't need giant diapers. Soooooo many opportunities to stop and ask yourself, "Is this a good idea?" I'm not autistic, but after watching this a few times, my eyes kinda hurt Everything about this movie is unacceptable, but I’m really glad people aren’t blaming Maddie. I have no idea how she could say no to Sia at this point... which is a pretty unhealthy and scary thing to deal with at her age and stage of career. Conspiracy theory: Sia made this song to prove to her verbally abusive 1st grade teacher that she knows how to do basic math

      1. Doll Karaoke

        @Lydia Bogan that's a lot

      2. Lydia Bogan

        @Doll Karaoke yes, 16,000,000 dollars

      3. Doll Karaoke

        16,000,000 DOLLARS!!!!

    30. adriana zagal

      Me encanto la pelicula! Representa a las personas con autismo profundo, cosa q a muchos no les gusta ver o les duele aceptar, no todo el autismo es como el de good doctor o el de atypical, abramos la mente y el corazo para dar lo que pedimos que es aceptacion y empatia con los que son diferentes y las familias de ellos hace mucha falta, gracias Sia.

    31. Samantha Simpson


    32. Thea Shapeshift

      The lyrics don't even make sense

    33. Okami

      I’m not saying autism is a blessing or makes you innocent” and all that crap but seriously this just makes them look like clowns +telletubies like wtf. I don’t know any autistic person that is like any of this. I feel like portraying them as this or saying asd is a blessing and makes them “innocent”. (Hear that less) dehumanizes them and takes away from their issues and making it seem almost childish

    34. Keira Sharif

      Im so confused like lets say this want already offensive and inaccurate but why tf is the other character now pretending to be someone on the spectrum-

    35. kday1972

      So, this is the new Willy Wonka remake?

    36. snoop

      "Get a girl or get a boy 1+1" Who wrote these lyrics?

      1. Doll Karaoke


    37. alguien ☁

      This is a good idea this movie is cool

    38. Armandas B (SpottyTY)

      Okay Ima be honest this video looks like people in Teletubbies costumes dancing around But I love the movie It's amazing and the music I don't judge Sia for it people make mistakes and you have to forgive them for it she tried her hardest. ❤

    39. No Longer DJ JosephF

      She Should Have Just Made Audios And Cancelled The Movie Then Her Career Would Be Saved

    40. Dansan Santos

      I cant sing sway with me..its tought

    41. mahramk Mk


    42. frazzle015

      Maybe this film is a good opportunity for people to stop victimising themselves , yeah maybe sia got it "wrong" but her intentions were in the right place, everyone makes mistakes let it go

    43. Silver that random dragon

      What did I just witness

    44. Jan Ailo B Wik


    45. River Mark

      Thank you for the amazing song and the inspiring video.

    46. Fredrik S

      A big F in the chat for all the poor souls who feel personally attacked by bright colors and basic math. Sia was very successfull in *lighting up* a touchy subject and for that I salute her with all the facial emotions I can think of. I support Sia's every move.

    47. jenx

      sia is great, the movie is not

      1. ARTZ Ayanna

        I haven't watched the movie. What is it about?

    48. ReverseFlash

      Online classes be like

    49. Nota Biology

      This video should be destroyed to oblivion

    50. The deepgamer denny

      One plus one

    51. Nico Nico Yazawa

      Wtf sia

    52. Elena Asensio

      What does this have to do with autism? There's many comments about this and I dont understand it

    53. Jamie Hernández

      Desperdicio de tiempo U-U

    54. MaXoN

      SIA THERE!

    55. sqft edits


    56. Elena Asensio

      I want the pink bubble suit

    57. kotov dot in

      Others are jealous. You are God's angels, Sia, Maddie and everyone! Always know that. ☀️

    58. Weakest Linkfan190

      I am autistic terrible movie good song

    59. DonPeyote

      this gave me autism

    60. AWlpsSHOW36

      Such a shame that this great and fun song was wasted by being part of this travesty.

    61. Bald Nagito

      This ain’t it sis

    62. Dr. Food

      1+1= Love

    63. Sydney Rogers

      This new Teletubbies show is looking good

    64. julia Silveira maia


    65. Peep Meep

      OMG I have this song on repeat all the time!! Such a great movie and song thank you so much Sia, I love you so much! PS: Don't let all the haters bring you down you are amazing. Stay positive.

    66. vfx. minu

      why yall talkin bout autism..?

    67. Cristofer Salcedo

      God i hate this popstar ive never heard of until now

    68. a

      they’re cosplaying mac and cheese

    69. Chloe Abbott

      #Sia I just wanted to say that your amazing and music is an incredible film because I watched it and the ending almost mad me cry and it just reminded me of the bond I have with my half sisters so thank you and keep doing what your doing because your songs are amazing to :)

    70. Captain Deathsquirrel

      Aside from insulting a huge number of people, how did the album do? Think Mattie will do the same dance numbers in concert or would that be awkward?

    71. kirby

      i want to know who wrote this song. not only do the lyrics suck, it’s not poetic whatsoever. also, this dancing is actual garbage. the outfits don’t even look good, the beat doesn’t match the dancing, these bright lights hurt my eyes and i’m not even autistic or have epilepsy.

    72. Sienna Russo

      The only thing im impressed with is that this was a one-shot video.

    73. Żaneta Kuczyńska


    74. C H

      I’m on the spectrum. I can’t explain why but when the ball people (1:50) start bouncing up and down it makes my heart happy. I know Sia's name is mud as a result of this movie, but let me have this.

    75. Jacob Thuan

      when i first saw this my brudda be moving his head like a fish

    76. Cookie Mocher

      When you hate the movie but keep listening to the songs lol, no wonder the movie's called Music because that's the only good part


        I love the music but not the actual movie

    77. Khaoula Rhaib

      You always amaze me by your big heart 💘

    78. Anger Issues

      this looks like a Kool-Aid ritual

    79. Rohan Kishibe

      in my opinion, the song is catchy but the mv itself-

    80. Student

      Sia, please do a fundraising concert for India :(

    81. Jarin tasnim Alin

      Can please someone tell me what's wrong with this movie ??I don't feel sia did it intentionally to hurt the autistic communities feelings. Sia is great.

    82. Karina Flores chujutalli

      MOMENTO : XD :C

    83. Song Jin-Woo

      ياخي ازيائج غريبة



    85. Валентин PIRATA Валько

      Thanks for the film!!!🤗

    86. Triveom

      I thought this was a weird nightmare but nope it's real

    87. Drawing with Niabel

      I’m sorry but the giant pink bladder kids had me dying WHAT IS DAT?!?!

    88. Julia B

      they mustve had to get really high in order to do these music videos.. cant imagine theyd be ok with it otherwise

    89. Mili

      Me julguem, mas eu gostei da música e do número musical também.

    90. ꧁𝚗𝚒𝚗𝚊 𝚗𝚊𝚓𝚊꧂☕︎︎

      Name to music: 1+1 Me: ;-------------; ist 2

    91. Something Mischievous

      I didnt realise that sia sang over the bit in dumbo where he gets drunk and sees those elephants.

    92. Gia nettie

      If I just saw this video without knowing context. I think it is really cute. Quarky, great vocals and just a good song.

    93. Mem Ugur

      Who else thinks the yellow suit has a built-in diaper


      aposto que vc veio aq só pra ver como ela está hj:^

    95. Gallery cat studios

      I hate that weird shaking thing they do

    96. miumau

      I’m I only autistisic who doesn’t get mad?

    97. Sia Lover

      Everyone: here because of the movie Me: here to listen to the song

    98. Tyler Germanotta

      I see comments talking about the colors and how this is traumatizing to watch, i feel so bad. But have you guys considered the close minded people that don't take any form of "spectrum" into consideration. Music brings people together, stop looking at the negatives, the last 2 years have been filled with it, and use this video to bring light and positivity. I have several family members mentally hit with different illnesses. Stop being pansies.

    99. Ezequiel xd

      Sia te amo: Se tubo que decir y se dijo

    100. Valentina

      Just to make this worse. In the scene before this Zu is forcing Music to get in the kiddie pool and Music is saying she doesnt want to and it's implied she's scared and Zu is just forcing her to get in the pool.

      1. Stjepan Sirovec

        Music was messing in that scene with Zu. She did same thing with Ebo when he bought her tablet