Kate Hudson - Music (from the motion picture Music)


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    Lose yourself in the magic of 'Music' with Kate Hudson ✨🎶 Listen to the song out everywhere today: sia.lnk.to/Music-KateHudsonID

    Director: Sia
    Producers: Jason Baum, Vincent Landay, Will Weiske
    Director of Photography: Sebastian Winterø
    Camera Operator (Steadicam): Ari Robbins
    Choreographer: Ryan Heffington
    Production Designer: Tracy Dishman Art Director: Leigh Poindexter
    Editors: Brad Besser, Matt Chessé
    Visual Effects Supervisor: Janelle Croshaw
    Color Timers: Timothy Stipan, Company 3 and Brendan Walter, Crush Music

    Kate Hudson
    Maddie Ziegler
    Beto Calvillo
    Mary Kay Place
    Steve Brown

    Golden Globe nominee Best Picture - Musical or Comedy, Music, the new film written \u0026 directed by Sia + starring Kate Hudson, Leslie Odom Jr. \u0026 Maddie Ziegler 🌈🎧 Get more info, and find out where and when to watch in your country bit.ly/2YJD1ho

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    1. Gabriel John

      WooooW this was beautiful ❤️❤️

    2. Nathaniel Foresti

      Kate did an amazing job! I never knew she had those chops even from Glee! I would love to hear @P!nk cover this song!

    3. Lydia Bogan

      What is this song about? Still waiting after 2 days

    4. Cookie Mocher

      I like the dancing

    5. Xilef Leclerc


    6. Gerttz

      Beautiful!!!!! Filling thanks!

    7. Cookie Mocher

      1:04 what was that cut?

    8. P P

      So talented. So poised. ladies and gentleman, Kate Hudson.

    9. Tin Tron

      Another Sia's great creation ❤️

    10. Student

      Sia, please do a fundraising concert for India :(

    11. Ingrid Ventura Arias

      Agarraron el mismo video de la otra cancion q ya se me olvido como se llama? Si lo hicieron q no manchen!

    12. Samantha Simpson

      Hello 7b

    13. Mario Diaz

      I love you Sia ❤ 🎸🔊🎶🎶🎶

    14. Las Personas

      the movie was an absolute mistake, i wish this performance could exist without it

    15. Experimental Subject

      Very cool! We can feel Sia!

    16. Cash John Isiah D. Rupita

      This scene makes me cry T_T

    17. Audun Aarseth

      One of the worst things I've ever seen, and I've seen a man die.

    18. Zenith Wp

      Never knew, Kate can sing too!!!!

    19. fyrTV

      This movie was magical.

    20. Emma Cooper

      OH WOW!❤️💥🤩🎧🌈✨ As a person with autism, I feel so connected right now...this is so beautiful, and the story of it is just....ugh, I love Sia so MUCH! DANG GIRL! You almost...ALMOST made me cry!

    21. YaguarRosado

      Please lady, keep your wing on

      1. Sheroo

        That’s not Sia. That’s Kate Hudson. Can you not read the title?

      2. venetia

        it's not sia

    22. Beatrix Thiele

      Sie hat eine Hammer Stimme. ❤️

    23. MEW

      This song is beautiful. It’s by far the best part of this nightmare of a movie. I just wish the rest as like this

    24. Engineering Pedia




    26. Umara Iqbal

      omg he dies :(

    27. magscovers8

      Anyone who thinks this movie actually helps the autistic is fooling themselves.

    28. Aleksei Rasskazov


    29. Jessyca Zander

      This hits differently when you know what happens in the movie. 😢😢

      1. Sheroo

        @nilah SPOILERS The boy in the video dancing with Maddie dies. He is killed by his abusive dad after he tries to save his mom from being choked and beaten, and he bleeds to death. This is him dancing with Music (Maddie’s character) in her imagination. At the end, you see Music’s dead grandmother and Felix (the boy who died) riding a bike into the afterlife, and Music saying goodbye to them both at the end, accepting that they’re gone from this world forever 🥺💛

      2. Amar Muammar

        The movie being offensive and terrible.

      3. nilah

        What happens

    30. Radcliffe Edmonds

      We are not “poor souls”

    31. poorsmellyyetiess

      Kate did a great job! Not on the same level as Sia, but very few are. I applaud her 👏

    32. Юлия Sunflower_stitch

      Мурашки по коже ✨🚀👍

    33. Trastos y más

      I love this song❤️❤️

    34. wrh41

      Beautiful, heartbreaking. Her grandma’s signing.

    35. Amar Muammar

      R A Z Z I E

    36. Joe Freeman

      I just wish this song was in a good movie.

    37. K9883

      Sure, it's a lovely song. Not so lovely movie however...

    38. Erika Valle

      Kate, hasta pelona sigue siendo bella! 💇🏼👍🏻👌🏻

    39. James Fox

      thank you ...

    40. Strawberii

      Oh god, this movie sucked so much.. Poor Maddie.

    41. Ben Nichol

      I have a feeling the Asian boy dies so he can just be in this one scene here. This scene is beautiful its just a shame the rest of it couldn't of been like this because it would probably be less dangerous

    42. EMILY TAM

      “A magical little girl and all she has it’s you” sia autistic people are just like anybody else they’re not magical stop playing the hero

    43. Atheist Community

      the fat man is enjoying more than me

    44. Ares Masako Hime

      I have damn good hearing, but that's not SIA's voice. SIA's voice is smokier and not as clear. Take this video, get a ballad from Sia and compare the voices. You will quickly notice, that this is not the SIA that sings. Sia's voice coloring is unique, you can recognize it immediately, and that is certainly not Sia's voice. It is not so unusual for actors to have trained in singing. Ewan McGregor is such an example, as is Nicole Kidmann. So wouldn't be an unthinkable thing. I find the voice beautiful and very empathetic. PLEASE LOOk : kolove.info/must/bidio/nKrHiXiNgn15m5c.html and kolove.info/must/bidio/r4CjoomkYY-jZ2g.html

    45. Babs X

      Is Kate Hudson singing????😲

      1. Babs X

        @Sheroo She sounds a lot like JLO. A beautiful voice 💜

      2. Sheroo


    46. Stacy Keller

      Oh Kate! You are AMAZING!

    47. Mizinha ✔

      essa música é linda!

    48. Arrania Winter

      She looks terrible

      1. Sheroo

        That’s Kate Hudson

    49. Mama- -Rua

      Not interested in the movie just wanted to see kate sing

    50. The Heij

      Love it

    51. Angelica Eagles

      Too many patterns, it's actually making me quite dizzy

    52. Ty Movie Database

      The songs are good, the movie... NOT SO MUCH.

    53. wayfaring moe'

      wow kate, wow

    54. kayla

      I have nonverbal autism and I like this movie alot

      1. Sheroo

        @kayla And you too :)

      2. kayla

        @Sheroo Thank you. I hope you will be safe and happy :)

      3. Sheroo

        @kayla You are a lovely and kind person too :) thank you so much for your words. They mean the world to me too! ❤️ I have been doing everything I can to fight for the non-verbal autistic community. I hope you are okay

      4. kayla

        @Sheroo Sia's music and this film are so beautiful, I dont understand why everyone is being so hateful and rude. Hate won't make the world a better place. Thank you for taking the time to read what I said and respond, it really means the world to me. You're a very kind person.

      5. Sheroo

        @kayla My God. This infuriates me so much. Sia has received death threats and almost half a million petitions have been signed to cancel the film. And on top of that, non-verbal autistic people like you have been silenced even more! I’m so sorry. This is a crime. May the wrongdoers be punished for what they do! I hope you and your community get the justice you deserve, and Sia too!

    55. Sebas Noy

      White room comes

    56. jeff sheldon

      I love Sia's voice, but in this case, Kate Hudson singing Music just makes more sense.

    57. Andrew The Piano Junkie小安要彈琴

      Despite all the controversy surrounded this movie, I cried during this scene.

    58. Xilef Leclerc

      820,000 views and 37,000 "Like"

    59. Aleta Nook

      I could've bought this if Music and the boy interacted more on-screen but no, he just dies and somehow Music knows and instantly has this dream sequence?

      1. Aleta Nook

        ​@buffayed I really don't know what you are on about. People like you who defend this movie clearly have no idea what autism is either that or you are blindly supporting it for its "bold" choice of depicting a character of minorities. You are an insult to autistic people everywhere if you think we are robots who can't think for ourselves or some kind of all seeing, all knowing Gods. i know Sia's friend who she based this movie on has his own personality and is not some perfect guy with godlike super powers. See Please Stand By and Everything Will be Ok, they both portray actual autistic humans with their own personalities.

      2. buffayed

        @Aleta Nook Her character was based on a real person 🙄

      3. Aleta Nook

        @buffayed I didn't say I had a problem with the character being non-verbal, I have a problem with the film being inaccurate to me or anyone else I have seen with autism. Music has no personality besides being an exaggerated portrayal of autism. She is always shown moving her head, showing her buck teeth which is something a person mocking autism would do, right after she gets home, she has no reaction to her maternal grandmother who fell, she does the exact same routine every day, she eats used gum off a bench, and lets herself get stung by a bee.

      4. buffayed

        @Aleta Nook There is not an unique way to portray autism. There are verbal and non-verbal, in this case the character is non-verbal, what is te problem with that?

      5. Aleta Nook

        @buffayed Yeah but the movie isn't a good depiction of autism. Like for me and everyone else, we are not some all seeing god who knows everything and you can't know a certain thing in your surroundings if your back is turned.

    60. Anie Fran

      Terrible song. Terrible video. The movie is far worse.

      1. 0bamm

        @wild cosmos 😔🌼

      2. wild cosmos

        @0bamm whatever makes you feel good 🍥

      3. 0bamm

        @wild cosmos facts* 😩🥮

      4. wild cosmos

        @0bamm opinon* ❤️🌙

      5. 0bamm

        @wild cosmos facts*

    61. Aaron Brown

      THAT'S MY BROTHER! (Riding the bike!)

      1. Cookie Mocher

        Is that your actual brother or is it a reference to something?

      2. Sia Lover


    62. No Body

      You know, the comments weren't really what I expected 🤔🤫

      1. Lea Dub

        I don’t know if they are deleting the comments or if the Twitter community is not as big as we thought

    63. John P Jones

      That set is terrific looking!

    64. Mateo De viaje

      If sia didn't want to talk about autism and did something else the art and music is great, but she fucked up everything

    65. started farting

      Blompf is finished

    66. Oscar Farina

      Amazing movie and amazing story ❤️ loved the costumes and great cast!

    67. SimplyEmily82

      This video triggered my stimming and now I’m bleeding profusely

    68. franky

      Pero ella no tiene autismo

    69. Taring mc

      O my god baby baby iiii

    70. RJ

      Are the negative comments being deleted or are all the sane people sane enough to not make it this far? I need to stop looking at this, it's making me want to cry. Such ableism.

    71. Xilef Leclerc

      Soon 740,000 views

    72. Luc Leblanc

      I like this movie a i am high functioning Autistic with Asperger Syndrome. I don't find it offensive at all. All of my Autistic friends like this movie and they don't find it offensive. So i don't see why there are people who don't like this movie and they find it offensive. I tink that the problem that people have with this movie is that they interpret it as an insult to the Autistic people but it this not true. The National Council on Severe Autism, published a letter from an autistic fan titled "Thank You for Representing a Girl with Severe Autism"🙂

      1. Simon1701Picard

        Yes me too. I'm also autistic. I like the movie.

    73. Deb Whit

      I love listening to Sia when she sings, but WOW Kate you're just as amazing.

    74. Dvine Dzine

      Beautiful song--Kate Hudson can SING!

    75. 【romanchikku】

      yo this is dope aff, you should check me out to to collab

    76. bt2rock photography

      I just ordered some t-shirts. It's funny because my son is all about his breakfast egg burrito in the morning with ketchup and hot sauce.

    77. bt2rock photography

      What a beautiful film!! We laugh We cry

    78. Nicolai Kroik

      I am very moved by this. It all blends together in a perfect harmony; the vocals, the choreography, the lyrics, and the exaggerated facial expressions symbolising different emotions. For me it is about having someone supporting you and making you happy, and then noticing they are slipping away while pretending they are not, until you eventually have to accept and let them go and realize that they're gone and the only thing you've got left of them are the memories. Music symbolising the people you have left to comfort you in your loss. For me the loss would be the loss of my best friend. But I'm sure others have their own interpretation :) The studio version with Sia doesn't move me as much. Perhaps because it lacks the vulnerable vocals of Kate in this performance, or because it's not accompanied by the video.

      1. Cockeyed Optimista

        I like what you said about Kate's vulnerability.

    79. Eve The Bean


      1. buffayed

        then go somewhere else and don't bother to comment here darling

    80. Feeluck

      slowly i'm getting annoyed by maddies one facial expression for everything. also how are people NOT recognizing its not sia singing.


      Who knew? Kate`s great!

    82. Leandro Alemán


    83. Kate GS

      She look's like Bishop Briggs with this haircut !!

    84. MB 0610

      One of the few moments in this film that doesn’t feel like a COMPLETE trainwreck

      1. Absolutely Champagne

        It's actually a breathtaking film if you watch it and stop hating on it for one second (oh wait I'm not allowed to say that am I)

      2. Lethal Princess

        @Matthew Williams Think about it this way. A producer is going to make a movie about enslaved people who participated in the Underground Railroad. The lead role is going to be Harriet Tubman, otherwise known as an amazingly strong woman that people called the Black Moses for her incredibly heroic risk-taking. But the director isn't going to cast a black woman. He's going to cast a white woman instead. In the script it says she's black, but it's obvious to the audience and everyone around her that she clearly isn't black. "She's just pretending to be," the director insists. "It's just acting." So imagine a white slave owner yelling at a white slave for being black when she clearly isn't. What I'm trying to say is that Harriet Tubman would not be properly portrayed. And this will definitely exemplify a terrible representation for the black community. So, as an autistic person myself, I find this movie Sia made, to be offensive. And that is because someone who's not autistic is playing the leading role. And now, "She's just pretending to be," becomes a poor representation of what she'd like to pin at the forefront of the autistic community. She claimed that she gave us representation through a person (which is not Maddie's fault, Sia pushed her into it and she even said she didn't feel like she had a choice) that's not even autistic. She also allowed an interviewer to refer to autistic kids as wigs, or some sort of accessory that she gave apparently gave a voice to. So yeah, she should've casted an autistic person for this role. And yes, this movie was and is indeed a massive trainwreck. So just rethink this is all I am saying.

      3. Singedro

        @Matthew Williams you mean fans? Well some of her fans well I feel like all of her fans love the movie because she made it and think it's ok. It's not just her fans hate it they probably like it. The only reason why people hate it is because it's very stereotypical and sia had no idea at all about autism. Like for example two times in the movie the Music ( stupid name ) was having ( What I call ) a breakdown or was at least was in sensory overload and was panicking and Music had to be pinned down and tackled. You don't do that and then having a normal person play Music ( still a stupid name to name somebody ). So to correct your comment you mean "why are random people hating on this movie for no reason" boom there's your answer. Mostly autistic people and other people ( please theres so many smart people on KOlove who went over this movie and reviewed it hated this ) who aren't even autistic think this is a terrible movie. Please don't comment on this if you have nothing good to say mrs.\Mrs. Williams it just my opinion :)

      4. Matthew Williams

        @Singedro yes. Not sias fault people are overly sensitive

      5. Singedro

        @Matthew Williams you sure about that?

    85. Ellie Cleary

      As someone who experiences characteristics of autism, I find even the basic visuals of this clip over-stimulating. I understand trying to convey being overwhelmed through stimuli, but repetative patterns feel too much to stare at. With movement and sound, it feels very concentrated.

      1. Ellie Cleary

        @Mohnish SinghPerhaps I should simplify my point. This film is about a woman who experiences autism. I am a woman who experiences autism. Do you really think Sia was unable to express parts of Autism (sensory issues, hyperstimulation, aversion and difficulty with close personal contact) without resorting to excessive visual stimuli? I don't think it is an accurate expression of autism, I think it has more to do with Sia's personal style. This clip is another example of Sia shrugging off valid concern to continue with what was comfortable for her. I hope I was clear, no shade, no teaaa to you or Siaaa

      2. Aleta Nook

        @Mohnish Singh to comment on it

      3. Mohnish Singh

        Then why did you come here to watch.😄

    86. Bonnie Tischer

      Great pipes Katie! 👍👍😊

    87. Karan Singh


    88. melissa l

      very suprised that she sings this well. Beautiful!

    89. bananaz 2000

      Es una lástima toda la gente que se está perdiendo esto por copiar opiniones que se sacaron de un trailer..

    90. Kelsey Promitas

      The patterns in this clip are way too overstimulating to watch. I made it 40 seconds in. She did not make this movie for us. Parents and caregivers PLEASE do not take your autistic children to go see this movie. It was made to stroke your savior complex so go see it alone.

      1. RJ

        @Mohnish Singh Sia literally marketed this as a movie about autism, my dude. Allll over her now deleted Twitter.

      2. Mohnish Singh

        This is not a movie about autism. It's a fictional story. If you are bothered by the visuals, don't watch it. Wasting your time commenting here won't change the visuals.

    91. HiByebtwn

      She has a really great voice, wow

    92. Ian W


    93. Kei's Adventures

      I cried at this part; the symbolism ~ oof the feels; and just that young fellah going from straight faced and serious to moved by the music dancing in this scene.... and all the things that it meant .... puddle of tears.

      1. baba yaga ganoush

        Watch better media.

    94. A

      This movie is bad because it casts a neurotypical actor in a neurodiverse role, yes. For those of you who don’t see this as enough to pan the whole film, here are reasons it goes much deeper than that: 1) Sia claims she tried to use an autistic actor, but has also said that she couldn’t imagine making art without Maddie in it and basically intended to cast her from the start. Her attempt to be inclusive was purely tokenistic and in bad faith. 2) Maddie was 14 when filming and uncomfortable with the role, but was told it wasn’t offensive even though she felt it was. I dislike child actors being forced into roles they don’t want. 3) Maddie has said that her ‘research’ for this film was watching other films with autistic characters played by neurotypical actors, and watching meltdown videos on KOlove. It shouldn’t be difficult to see what the problem is with this and how this will easily lead to a hollow and inauthentic performance. 4) The film shows Maddie’s character having a meltdown and then being forcibly restrained against the ground. This type of restraint has been proven to be excessively harmful and agitating to the autistic person, and it has been associated with the deaths of autistic people. In the film, the character performing the restraint literally says ‘I am crushing her with my love’. It is a deeply dangerous, misleading and all-round sickening scene. 5) Even the upbeat scenes that are supposed to show the ‘nice’ bits of autism are downright weird. Does Sia truly think that autistic people are living in some 2000s pop music video? It’s infantilising. The song and dance numbers are so painfully lurid that is cringy, not to mention extremely overstimulating - most actual neurodivergent people have a hard time watching scenes that are so overwhelming to the senses. This is just another thing that shows the film was not made for the benefit of autistic people at all. 6) Music’s mannerisms, taken as they are from meltdown KOlove videos, are so plainly offensive that it’s shocking the film ever got the green light. It’s sickening to the stomach, because it looks exactly like mockery. It looks exactly like the kind of mockery that many autistic people have been bullied with growing up; exactly the kind of mockery that has stigmatised autism and forced autistic people to mask their autism for so long. It’s like a confirmation that this is how society views autistic people, and it’s a slap in the face. 7) This hasn’t been mentioned much because of ALL the other things wrong with this film, but it is very racially insensitive. In certain scenes Maddie is literally put in blackface, and it is very weird that she was cast as a mixed-race character. Leslie Odom’s character is also a hugely flawed caricature of an ‘African’ - no more specific than that. He is basically a cheerful prop with a bad accent, there to provide bits of ‘wisdom’ and help the white main character. It’s a damaging trope and one that has long been criticised. 8) The film is not about Music. Music is not the main character. As much as Sia tries to act like it’s a film about autism made to uplift autistic people, it blatantly isn’t. Music is no more than a prop, a motivational poster, a tool to help turn around the life of her drug addict sister-carer (Kate Hudson). Music is not a person in her own right, she has no character arc. She is purely there to be ‘inspirational’, to give the neurotypical main character ‘hope’ and ‘perspective’, and to facilitate another person’s redemption. How very ironic. 9) This mirrors real life. ‘Music’ is a vanity project, in which Sia uses autism as a prop to add a veneer of authenticity and depth to her ‘art’ - obviously, completely unsuccessfully. She doesn’t care about autism. What she cares about is looking like she cares about autism. Saviour complex strikes again. 10) Sia’s pretty bad at this too. Because when faced with valid criticism and upset, she made the whole situation even worse by insulting and swearing at the autistic people who pointed out the movie’s faults, in a staggering display of callous egotism. Her entire response to this controversy is like a masterclass in what NOT to do. By lashing out, victimising herself, and altogether being a massive asshole, she’s torn any defence of her work to shreds. Do I think Sia intended to hurt autistic people? No. But do I think she truly cares about autistic people beyond using autism as a prop? Also no. Do I think she did the proper research? Also no. Do I think she made a suitable effort to accurately represent autism? No. Do I think she’s consciously racist? Not really. But do I think she cares about anti-racism or genuine portrayals of POC? Definitely not. In short, is there anything to redeem in this movie? Not really. It’s a fiasco from start to finish.

      1. ThicShorty

        @‎ do you think this movie will win best motion picture or best actress kate hudson?

      2. ‎

        thank you for the list

    95. Michelle Duran Gutiérrez

      Before I saw the movie I did not understand this song, now I listen to it and it makes me want to cry. I love you Sia

    96. Roniya Rose

      Kate Hudson and Lesie Odom Jr. should be ashamed to be in this movie. Maddie was just a kid when the movie was filmed but they are not. They should know better.

      1. Roniya Rose

        @Brittany os it is pretty offensive towards autistic people. I'd reccomend looking up the controversy on KOlove because a lot of youtubers have covered it.

      2. Mohnish Singh

        Nobody does a movie to offend someone or spread hate. It's about the representation to which Sia has already heard. And also she said she's learning it now.

      3. Brittany os

        Wtf is it about?

      4. Always Eilish

        Exactly what I thought

    97. Gabo Draw and Music

      Sia, you make me so happy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS.

    98. ParoAcharya1860


    99. Rana Morse

      Stunning on so many levels

    100. فاط م حسینی

      OMG i love this keep going sia♡ i wish you the best